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04 April 2015 @ 04:18 am
[archive post of finalists past]

The AMV Contest is quickly shaping up to be my favorite part of the con.

(Apparently this year a record-breaking number of videos were entered: forms sent for 210, 194 uploaded, and 172 managed to qualify--and somehow Programming has managed to cram all of the overflow into the three days of the con.  (Perhaps this is connected to AB's expansion into the fifth floor of the Sheraton...)  Also apparently this year's is their biggest Best of Show trophy yet offered--it did look pretty hefty.  Also also the guy in charge of the AMV Contest (since 2005) is leaving(!!); fortunately, his successor managed to hook us up with neat little cards with a tear-off ballot, leaving us the listing to take home.  Sadly it doesn't leave much room for notes; I tend to scribble all over mine, and it can be difficult trying to decipher my own handwriting.)

This year I feel like putting the ballot up Friday night, instead of waiting until Saturday or Sunday or Monday when the winners have been announced.  Why the hell not.

First, the exhibition pieces!  After the last two years, I'm actually a little surprised there wasn't a My Little Pony remake of one of the previous year's winning AMVs.  (I think it was Bashar who did it? a version of Shin's 2012 Extraball vid, and a version of Ileia's 2013 Radioakshun vid.)  Largely kaiju-themed vids instead.
~ "Totoro Meets Godzilla" (Vlad G Pohnert), a loving homage to the classic "Bambi Meets Godzilla" (came as a bit of a surprise to those who haven't heard of the original; I do so love horrified audience reactions)
~ "Go Go Tohoscope!" (drewaconclusion), what seems like an actual music video--or at least a retrospective of live-action Godzilla films set to an extremely topical song.
~ "Otaku Paradise" (BecauseImBored1), a mashup/juxtaposition of anime clips and video of cosplayers at anime cons.  Gotta be honest with you, I had a bit of an attack of the feels during this vid.

(Before the exhibitions there was also a truly adorable paper-puppet video demonstrating proper emergency procedure.  I love this con.)

DRAMA (1 win)Collapse )

ACTION (3 wins!)Collapse )

ROMANCE (2 wins!)Collapse )

UPBEAT (2 wins)Collapse )

OTHER (1 win)Collapse )

FUN/COMEDY (2 wins)Collapse )

ROUNDUP: Ileia & Shin cleaned house this year!  And a Romance vid won Best of Show for the first time in...uh...ever at this con, to my knowledge.  (To be fair, it's far from classic romance.)
At the con feedback panel, AB staff mentioned that only six of the eleven awards were handed out in person this year (two to one person); the other five awards have to be shipped to the winners (two to one person), two of whom are in Seattle, one in Michigan, and one apparently busy running Anime Conji in San Diego.  As Anime Conji has a maddening website apparently lacking a staff listing, I have no idea which AMV belonged to that person.

* DISCLAIMER:  I don't know shit about AMV editing; I've never made one in my life.  I do really enjoy watching them every year, though!
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26 May 2014 @ 10:09 pm
(yo!  *waves*  so I'm not as prolific or social as I used to be.  oh well.  I intend to keep this up, anyway, even if it is down to, like, one update a year.  I got projects and shit that I may or may not eventually get up here.  so much cross-concepting...)

So, in the same vein as Kirikirimai and In Our Dreams, here's my take of the lyrics to Elizaveta's recent English-language EP "HERO".  All of these are based on my perception of the words spoken, not necessarily the original intent; where I'm entirely unclear on what the hell she's singing, I'll note it with italics and plenty of bewildered question marks.

01. HERO

01. HERO
Elizaveta posted her official lyrics here on her blog, but the background is unnoted and there are occasional differences (asterisked).  For the Russian part, I have the original lyrics she posted in Cyrillic and a tentative transliteration beneath.

I"m the one who will fallCollapse )

Elizaveta posted her official version of the first part of the first verse here on her tumblr, but not the rest of the lyrics, and there's a word substitution on the EP track ("flew" instead of "took"). (I'm ignoring the "ba ba da, ba ba da, ...ba ba da; ba ba da, ba ba da, ba ba da ba da ba da" bit during the latter part of the final chorus for reasons of clutter and inability to appropriately represent the vocal layering without winding up with an incomprehensible wall of text.)

I want to fly foreverCollapse )

Someone posted a version of these lyrics on a popular lyric site, but I disagree on a few points (asterisked).  (Also it sounds like the song was recorded in a bathroom with so-so acoustics, but I'm sure it's an artistic choice, alongside all that vibrato...)

I don"t care if I let you downCollapse )

I am excessively fond of this song, even if I'm dubious about the use of dubstep in it, but for the life of me I can't confidently identify a number of the lines.  Auuugh.  Mondegreen lines italicized.

can you hear me nowCollapse )

This one is fairly short, sweet, and simple, compared to the multilayered clusterfucks above.  Also a nice conclusion to the album.  If there only wasn't that one damn line...

the song I"ll never sing for youCollapse )

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22 June 2013 @ 06:37 pm
Naturally I wound up with three separate scenarios, none of which really apply to the D.Gray-stuck I talked about last post.  I'll do these in ascending order of how much time they took me to work out:

"Noah Zodiac" (cheap reorientation of sequences)Collapse )

"Noahcestors" (reincarnation considered, including Allen)Collapse )

"Noahspectrum" (agonizing cross-comparisons completely ignoring the new guys)Collapse )

The latter two of the scenarios is applicable to an alternate Kids/Game thing that I've been trying to work out ectobiology for and just succeeding in confusing myself further, and I'm pretty sure this sentence is an abomination unto the English language but whatever:

if the Kids didn"t include Allen, and I actually considered ectobiology:Collapse )
20 June 2013 @ 04:23 pm
Woo, it's been a while. I have a lot to do WRT updating this blog, if I do keep it updated--D.Gray-chapters, that other d_t convo, the AB AMV post...not to mention all the cross-concepting I've been doing. Oh well, one thing at a time.

D.Gray-stuck! (not to be confused with D.Troll-man)

-- I haven't actually caught up with the canon DGM chapters from 204 onward...I keep intending to, and not doing it
-- and the last thing I remember keeping up with re: Homestuck was John waking up from his tantrum-induced dreambubble convo with Vriska and Tavros
-- and of course I read through the first few thousand pages of HS on a device that refused to view the Flash pages, which was super confusing and it's only the recaps that helped me understand anything at all; I'm trying to finish remedying that now, and also catch up, but it's pretty time-consuming

So, the Fab Four as the Kids, the Noah as the Trolls, the Earl and the 14th as the Cherubs, and I'm too lazy to put much thought into ectobiological shenanigans right now.  Not really interested in the game mechanics e.g. denizens and consorts and carapaces and exiles etc., but the titles and lands and locations and themes etc. will be addressed.

settingCollapse )

So!  I've mostly been working with the Fab Four/Kids angle.  Here's what I've got so far:

Allen, Knight of HopeCollapse )

Kanda, Prince of LifeCollapse )

Lenalee, Maid of SpaceCollapse )

Lavi, Mage of TimeCollapse )

*I'm assuming someone's made this joke about Caliborn/Lord English already
14 May 2011 @ 04:43 pm
Part II of "I can't find the lyrics to this moderately obscure song and it's pissing me off"!  Today's edition: Linda Yamamoto, 1974, "Kirikirimai".  I ran across this song back in '06 or '07 while looking for Orange Range's "Kirikirimai"; the contrast alone is hilarious, but the song itself is catchy, and Linda is adorable, and I needed someone to supplement The Peanuts in my pitiful repertoire of old-school J-pop.

[/disclaimed]Collapse )

totsuzen warui sasayaki kikoe...Collapse )

Uh.  So yeah.  This is just lyrics, not a translation; Google Translate is inconsistent at best, and I'm functionally incompetent.  (See, I've technically been studying Japanese for seven years now, only I'm really lazy and kind of an otaku, so it's all been through anime/manga and Japanese popular music.  It would be so easy to find one of those online tutorials in conjugation and grammar and syntax and verbs and adjectives and so on and so forth, but...well, let's just say that my default setting is Nara Shikamaru.)
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07 May 2011 @ 06:11 am
What's your favorite music video of all time?

FANTASIA.  So much Fantasia.  It's just.  The Nutcracker Suite, and the Rite of Spring, and Night on Bald Mountain, and.  So much.

(Plz someone make a Kanye or Rickroll joke so I don't feel obligated to...)
25 April 2011 @ 12:34 am
I've been compiling lists of the winners and finalists in AB's Music Video Contest that I've seen at the conventions (just the winners from '06, '07, and '08, and all of the finalists from '09-present; in 2005 I didn't see any of them at all and therefore did not get the visceral effect of a video and audio system larger than my laptop, so I do not care, and '09 was the first year I actually went to the Contest showing instead of just watching the winners in Closing Ceremonies and/or the Masquerade).  I've been keeping it all in draft(s) on my Gmail account, which is where I keep all of my notes these days because (a) dude, it's searchable (b) my computer haets word processors with all the passion its battered little electronic soul can muster up (c) you can google your notes, how freaking awesome is that.  (Even if that means that I now have to find a backup for my cloud backup, and I'm not sure how...  *headdesk*)

Anyway!  I figure the draft is getting a little long for Gmail (on my computer, at least) to deal with without slowing down a little, so I'm putting it up here.

Lo and behold!  A sort-of comprehensive list of the 2006-2014 Anime Boston AMV Contest Winners and 2009-2014 AMV Contest Finalists!*

* = DISCLAIMER OF DISCLAIMING:  In no particular order in some cases, because I don't remember the original order and/or I lost my original notes and had to look up the information again.  And if there's more than two or three sources of video or audio, I get lazy and put (various)!  Except if the sources are all in the same canon--then I just list the most obvious.  For instance, I'm not going to list every single Kingdom Hearts game used in a video.  (Actually, anything in parentheses below the title that's not in quotation marks is probably a note that I'm not totally sure about something.)

...Okay, so maybe 'comprehensive' was a poor choice of words.  There's a pretty good chance I fucked up somewhere, like on the AMV maker / AMV studio thing, so uh.  Don't quote me on this?

"Title of Song" by Artist Name
Title of Source Anime
Name of AMV editor

AB "06Collapse )

AB "07Collapse )

AB "08Collapse )

AB "09Collapse )

AB "10Collapse )

AB "11Collapse )

AB "12Collapse )

AB "13Collapse )

AB "14Collapse )

AB "15Collapse )

[1] = (the listing of this only mentioned Das Omen, but the beginning part, with that woman praying--Misato, from Evangelion?--is Lauf der Zeit.)
[2] = ("Genkaiten (subeta wa watashi no bankai wo shiranai)", or...well, I don't remember the translation of the first word, but the gist of the subtitle is basically "whatchu know 'bout me!?" ...or something.)
[3] = (I have no idea who this person is, BUT I LOVE THEM FOREVER.  I just.  First the one that finally made it worth it that Boston was the only city in America that felt the need to call the bomb squad on a frigging Light Bright, and then the one that totally justified my finding Totoro creepy as a child, while simultaneously violating the childhoods of several thousand people.  In the same contest, no less.  That takes talent.)
[4] = (I only had to see this AMV once to fall in love with the music, so I'd like to thank "FaytxZen" for introducing me to edIT and glitch-hop.  Certified Air Raid Material is a great album.)
[5] = (this was the year "Other" finally got its own category.  Just in time for the 2011 mindfucks--"A Psychedelic Lover's Dream" probably only makes sense if you're high.)
[6] = (one person won four awards with two videos in the same contest.  And for good reason--they're fantastic, if a little trippy at points.  (Giant bouncing moustachio, I'm looking at you!))
[7] = (...I'm...really not sure how this one made it to the finals?  It's...not really an AMV.  :/ )
[8] = (giant robots...wearing high-top sneakers...playing magic basketball...IN SPACE. I--I didn't even know I needed this in my life. ♥)
[9] = (yes, this song won Best Romance again. It was a really good AMV though!)
[10] = ("Fun" switched categories this year for no discernable reason)
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02 April 2011 @ 11:37 pm
(it's been pissing me off that I can't find an accurate version of this anywhere, so I'm transcribing the lyrics my own damn self)

ARTIST:   Emily Loizeau
ALBUM:   Pays Sauvage
RELEASED:   2009.02.03 and/or 2009.10.20  *tears hair out*
TRACK:   #11, "In Our Dreams"
COMPOSER:   Emily Loizeau

sometimes they remain in silence / sometimes they provoke the violence / of our dreams...Collapse )

The album track is supposedly five minutes and ten seconds long; the only reliable source for streaming I can find is a YouTube video of somebody's baby girl rolling around and being cute, and that's 05:15, and it cuts off at an odd place.  (Well, there's also the stop-motion one with Legos and traffic noises, which is awesome, but alas only 03:52; damn but I miss IMEEM.)  Ugh, and then the live performances, each of which is a completely different version of the song...  *headdesk*

[[ EDIT:  Mr. Jean-Claude Courbon was kind enough to scan the CD booklet pages containing the official lyrics!  Awesome~ ]]
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05 March 2011 @ 11:40 am
How long have you been on Livejournal? What major life changes has LiveJournal witnessed?

Since 2007, which means since before my spectacular nervous breakdown in my senior year of high school (accompanied by a sudden influx of bizarre medical problems: a medication side effect (from the only ADD med that ever worked for me, sadly) that killed my ability to feel hunger, causing severe weight loss; onset of a sinus thing, causing postnasal drip, runny nose, coughing, and headaches, that four years later is still pissing me off (paging Dr. House...); spraining and fracturing my foot trying to catch the bus on the first day of class, which the doctors never gave me crutches for, so it took me a whole semester to stop needing my elderly neighbor's cane; and my thyroid, of all organs, deciding to try and kill me--more weight loss, hair falling out, incredibly maddening hot flashes (menopausal women deserve fucking gold medals for putting up with that shit), and the medication to fix it suppressed my immune system, so the week before the 2008 presidential election I was in bed with nonstop fever and bright orange goo pouring out of my nose. Good times).

Since 2007, I have (a) gotten the highest first-attempt SAT score in the history of my school and then flunked all of my academic classes so fast I gave my teachers whiplash; (b) been hospitalised, which kind of actually made the problem worse, though I did stabilise my sleeping schedule and finish switching meds; (c) slept through my class's graduation, which I still haven't quite forgiven myself for; (d) gone to two semesters of night school to compensate for my grades, just barely passing the second one and graduating on the tenth of February 2009; (e) become a Marine Biology student at Salem State University, taking a dive in an inflatable obstacle course (yes, you read that right) my first day on campus and spending a semester on crutches; (f) missed my godson's second and third birthdays, because I am a fucking idiot.

Oh yeah, and I spent the summer of 2009 in Europe (mostly Norway). It was pretty awesome, even if they are all freaks for basing their public transportation on the honor system.

Time for breakfast. *feels accomplished for actually eating a breakfast meal more than once a week* *has really low standards for feeling accomplished*
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I, like many a starving college student/otaku/anyone on a budget or unwilling to wait more than 3 minutes (plus boiling water) to make food, have eaten a lot of cup ramen.  I'm a Maruchan brand loyalist, mostly because Top Ramen tastes fucking bizarre, and am most fond of their popular neon-orange-packaged Chicken flavor (although I did have a brief fling with the neon pink Shrimp flavor...those tiny freeze-dried crustaceans kind of creeped me out).  I also have been known to make a decent stir-fry with packaged ramen (using half a flavor packet to a whole package of noodles, draining the water before adding the flavoring, and including a healthy chunk of 100% real motherfucking butter, bitches).  You might say that I'm almost an instant ramen aficionado.

This, however, I did not see coming.

lol cheese ramenCollapse )

Of course, the ingredients list explains everything:

lookit me, I"m a table!Collapse )

Basically, they took regular 'chicken ramen' broth powder and added cheese sauce powder.  Not very original, but, being lazy myself, I give this one an 'E' for the '(Total Lack of) Effort'.  Probably would not buy again, but if I had to eat it again, I wouldn't bitch about it too much.

ask the internet:Collapse )

(Also, I am twenty-one as of yesterday at 02:36 AM.  Woo.





Okay, enough old-school text!emoticon dancing, my attention span can't handle much more.)
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