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07 April 2010 @ 12:59 am
D.GRAY-MAN 193  
So, so, askerian does this thing where she posts reviews/reactions to new chapters of Naruto, and I can't funnel all of my overanalysis and meta into conversations with poor dayadhvam_triad, and capslock_dgm isn't exactly the place for it, and I'm too lazy/antisocial to go near dgray_man or dgrayman sooo consider this a disclaimer for the mess of notes and speculation and theories I'm about to dump in this thing.

[[EDIT: but wait there's more.]]
CHAPTER 194 (was not interesting enough to take notes on, apparently)
CHAPTER 199 (a.k.a. "the D.Gray-version of Naruto #347 and #386, combined")


- RE: translation
> the title: is "friend" translated from "tomodachi," "nakama," something else? was it in English? hm.
> also, what is "little guy"? apart from my new favourite nickname for the character, that is.

- RE: memory
> the state he was in, both from the frozen disposal and the general state of being a test-tube pod person of yourself--a form of amnesia? -> again the parallel to AW, with that whole Has a Psychotic Noah in His Head situation

> re: p04: (fangirl) omg what if mystery woman is Renny and there's canon RExKY? XDDD
> okay, so not really, but her face is young... (she seems like a civilian, all innocent-sweethearts-wooing-before-going-off-to-war and all, but that staff she was holding in her first appearance. Innocence? if'n she was an Exorcist, then mebbe all those "Alma=Mystery Woman's Pod Person" theories might have some heft to them...)
> so -> those old fanfic that ignored the popular Uchiha-clan-massacre theories in favour of female/OC soulmaets were actually on the right track? not sure whether that's funny or scary.

> "this body" (~etc. @ special circumstances etc.) ->back to how much of him is the core memory? how integrated, how influenced? how is he different? how much does he remember, and how much of that is Kanda now?
> and while we're on the subject, how the fuck is he eighteen if he was "born" nine years ago.  *squelches "well I wasn't born yesterday" crack*  Was he nine years in stasis? They can't all have been created at the same time, unless there was some gigantic massacre along the lines of the Great Noah Wipeout of 'Sixty-whateveryoucallitwhenSumanturned.  But he and Alma look to be the same age, and so did the Second we saw in that one overhead shot underwater.  Maybe they grew the bodies first and then inserted the brains when opportunity knocked? But it would have to have happened before Alma woke up, because apparently he spent all his time down there.  Agh.  *headdesk*  I may have to write this off to "Hoshino didn't think it through".

- re: Innocence
> return of memory triggers synchronisation? but then why did they keep putting them down if that was the key?
> either that or going berserk...or is it finding the will to fight?

> (does Mugen even really count as equipment-type at this point? "summoned" through however many floors to his hand...)
> speaking of, he kept using it left-handed, even before losing his arm it's only a flesh wound!, but it's always right-handed now. Why the switch?
> (both Seconds have blades.  Re:Alma, + blaster or...? nah, it's just super whippity like that.)
> (Innocence in its raw form, half-synchronised and unrefined...)

> ah, the Innocence taking control because of emotion. So Alma didn't mean to kill everyone?
> (PARASITIC characteristics <-- why he knew about it in Mateel when AW was all *RAWR*)
> the trade-off with parasitic types--easier to maximise usability, immune to Akuma virus, but not just shorter lifespan but also a serious threat if loss of control...
> KY's thought process when AW snapped in Mateel?  he didn't seem too freaked, more detached observation if memory serves, so he must have more experience with parasitic fallout than just Alma's feedback loop triggering his newly reconstituted arm-thing to start a-slaughterin'.

-re: Marie
> ...yeah, at this point NMxKY is everyone's favourite crack canon OTP, isn't it? I can actually see myself shipping it, which has never happened before when it comes to Bitchyface.
> yup, otphammer is a-smashing.  Now I have something to put on my list next to RoadAllen and LaviLena.  Not that anything really has priority over my pet OT4 5 7 uhhh whatever it is when you're indecisive and there's too many characters to slash love.
> heh, "little guy." ♥ Well, everyone's little compared to SIX FOOT FREAKING SEVEN, Marie...
> (NM/KY shouta porn on ff.n in 5...4...3...)

> blood mixing -> a concept I've visited before, but never expected to see canonised (hee, it's funny because they're Catholic. *bricked*)
--> healing properties of a Second's blood? ability to extend to others decreases over time, or would it still work? -> how lasting are the effects? do they still work in Marie today? -> he doesn't have the mark anymore, so it's probably faded...
--> once the healing amulets sunk in (the tattoo or the things they wore? think it's the strappy things, the tattoo/seal/mark/thing might just be the indicator of it working), did it extend to all his cells or just his blood? -> heh, perfect organ donor--hellooo black market.  If his arm grows back, does that mean you could like harvest body parts? Don't tell Allen--he probably still has some of Cross' debt to pay off...
> Kanda the Defibrillator! XD
> (so in terms of characterising him by something simple like an element, electricity/blood/illusion work a hell of a lot better than the classical Greek construct I've been struggling with.  Earth just doesn't work, Lenalee would take wind before you can say "she can fly, bitches," Lavi's kind of got the market cornered on fire unless wait stick AW in water b/c shifting form and L in earth b/c hello, hammer, and oooh wait no this isn't the forum for this *stomps on runaway train of thought* so I've been pushing the water=illusion angle buuut... *shutting up now before brain writes a treatise on how 'water' can translate to all three and then some* *stomp stomp*)

- re: processing
> panel: closed door / panel: closed door sliced up (magic sword thing) / panel: closed door asplodes towards the viewer -> re: the Naruto chapter where US started wailing/whaling on (dammit I can find no conclusive evidence one way or the other as to which is the correct/original spelling of that colloquial phrase *ocdflail*) Orocchan with his magic-fairy-wand-no-jutsu

> from the cold room, through Marie's ICU close by, to vents and through to womb room--to find Alma? familiar territory? close to escape route?

> enjoying death -> wryyy (still awake/alive); defeatist/just want to give in
-> want to live/see her -> "should I kill everyone here?"; waver @ execution
-> save Marie and Alma and get out, screw retribution; value of friendship
-> want to live, must kill Alma; priorities and tough choices/decisions
> (wants release, but spurred on by memory of others; wants to save those who have been kind/don't deserve to be trapped here...)
> "so long as we're together"

- re: o hai
> can't decide whether response should be
>> lulz
>> d'awww
>> unholy terror
> (leaning towards door #2)
> (considerably wider range of emotion than he's ever shown during AW's time at the Order...)

> (I've heard Alma's personality described as a cross between Lavi and Allen; visually, it's more like Rock Lee and Umino Iruka.)
> Crow's kind of... (most of the casualties. Wheeeee someone was stabhappy.)
> why was Renny spared?
> (ow. poor Marie.)

> oooh, Seconds as Akuma.  Niiice. *likes that analogy too much*
> the soul/brain/identity/memory/core "self," called back into a new body -- but more with science than magic? or just using Innocence and seals and clones instead of dark matter...very fine line between Us and Them. Expect Road will use this as a talking point.
> speaking, of, Roooooad~ ♥ ♥ ♥  Words cannot express why she has cemented her position as my second favourite character.  (Allen has first.  I think Kanda may have third; he is awful fun to mock.  Fourth is a mishmash of Tyki, the Earl, Cross, Lenalee (Lenaleeeee~ ♥), Link, Marie, Miranda, Lavi, um probably more can't think of right now.  Needless to say, there's plenty of love to go around.)

>>> *finds d.gray-kinkmeme comm*
>>> *both of them*
>>> ...I'll be in my bunk.
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Judy: brain foodkohikari on January 14th, 2011 05:06 am (UTC)
Re: amazing story about modern furniture: [spamlink redacted]
Greetings Friend!

You sure do seem interested in furniture. Lately I've seen a lot of television commercials advertising sales. Apparently $499 is cheap for a bed? I figured you would know, being a bot that specialises in furniture.

Would you recommend Bob's over Bernie & Phyll's (quality...comfort...and price! (that's nice))? I can't remember which store was advertising the leather living room sets, saying that leather lasts forever; all I can recall is thinking that leather only lasts so long when you have pets in the house, and it's not easy fixing rips and tears. It is true that dead cow skin is comfortable, though. There's just something about the suffering of cattle that smells so delicious. Mmm, suffering.

Well, it's been nice shouting into the void. I hope you have a nice...er...string of code, or whatever it is you bots have.