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08 November 2010 @ 06:10 am
D.GRAY-MAN 197  

(was not interesting enough to take notes on, apparently)
CHAPTER 199 (a.k.a. "the D.Gray-version of Naruto #347 and #386, combined")


- molokidan translated this time?  hm.

- XDDD oh jesus that cover.  so typical of Hoshino to break up srs dramatic action with random goofy shit.  "Tim[canpy] goes wild!"
- (lulz @ the goofy comic-book "FIGHT!" bg)

- WHY DOES NO ONE HAVE GODDAMN CLOTHES ON I mean, I'm sure some people don't mind, but if they're going to be shirtless then the art better be fucking delicious is all I'm saying... and if someone's gonna be shedding clothes, why not Lenalee? :D  *Komurin'd*
- yes, Allen.  turn your back to the dangerous hateful Akuma.  nothing can go wrong.
- ...I think that Lvellie is only just now realising how much of a suicidal martyr Messiah complex his treasonous little muffin has.  If it has a personality/soul, the kid wants to save it.  A pragmatist he is not.
- XD poor Alma.  "who are you? what the hell are you doing?!  I'm a hateful demonic zombie clone trying to kill you and everything you love!  stop defending me and being all friendly and shit!" "...back up a little, man, you're all up in my space and I've had enough molesting for one story arc.  just chill, I got your back~"  Welcome to D.Gray-man, Alma.  Welcome to the end of all Earth logic.

- "What mockery is this? >(" "Ummm...  ^^;;"  I'll give you a hint: This!...is!...D.GRA-- *shot*
- "What's with that weird face? That's the funniest one of yours I've ever seen, you know?" Ah, I see your cunning plan!  Piss off Kanda with enough inane talk to make him want to decapitate you even more!  How shrewdly suicidal of you, Allen.

- wait wait wait, the fifth illusion is Kaze no Kizu?  does that mean the sixth would be--what was it, Bakuryuuha?  (his eyes'd probably be a sea of little dots by then...like those little compound lenses that let you see life as a fly sees it.  next thing you know he'll have little wings and be buzzing around dodging flyswatters...)

- "Yuu's hair is light purple...?!" great, his Super Saiyan form is lavender.  it's like Hoshino heard the fans wondering if he could get any girlier, and decided to prove it.
- Zuu, man, does Kanda really look like he cares that he'll die right now?

- ah, one of those delayed injuries--he's hit! he's perfectly fine! wait now he's spurting blood! (medic~)
- "unit leader Allen"?  what, he has a title now?  or was he the designated leader of the Jordan unit, including Kanda, Link, and the Third Exorcist trio?

- the look on the Earl's face when Reever goes "Kanda did you really stab Allen? D8"...and the look on Wisely's as he watches the Earl. is this foreshadowing?
- (tell me why the spirit stone looks like the fucking Shikon no Tama. would that make For Midoriko?)
- whoop, there goes For.  it was nice while it lasted.  we'll miss you, For!

- or not!  yay For.  one-on-one with a Noah, she badass.
- jeez, can't see anything left of Tokusa anymore. reminds me, last chapter, "who are you...?" hm.
- I love how Bak's spirit stone thing still has the tassel from his hat. that spirit stone is fabulous~
- oh, For. so pretty. I think it's her powers of femaleness alone holding up the art for this chapter--Renny's epic breasts clearly aren't good enough to do the job. *pettanko ftw*
- is it just me or is For wearing less and less every time we see her? It's like Lenalee and her epicly short miniskirts and hotpants. IIRC, in her original appearance in the manga she was actually wearing a shirt.
- Tyki's words--more foreshadowing?

- if that wound's bad enough, he won't be able to wield the sword without having Clown Belt support him like with the Level Four.  hm.  also, and I cannot say this enough, WHY IS EVERYONE NAKED.  even Renny's falling out of her top, I mean, jeez!  Americans have a little more modesty than that, Hoshino.
- wait, since when does Kanda wield Mugen left-handed?

- okay, ewww. flashback to Road's adventures of skinlessness again? and Mugen's losing its outer features as well...
- Alma's trying to drive the regeneration amulets to their limits, apparently.  "use it all up"...  he's so desperate about it, too, crying and everything.  hm.

- HAND-HOLDING ATTACK FOR GREAT JUSTICE...!! what next, Allen, you gonna hug him into submission?
- y'know, as long as we're asking "why", I might as well say it: why does Alma have elf ears?

- yup, you can see the bare bones of the sword now. looks less like a katana and more like the chokuto he had at the beginning of the story.
- agh I can hear the fangirls scribbling tentacle porn already

- "what are you, Yuu's friend?" uh, more like comrade/favourite target to pick on, but sure, let's go with that. I'm sure Allen would like to be anyway, kid like that wants to befriend the whole fucking world.
- okay, what the fuck.  grabbing his mouth...? what is Alma trying to do?
- so the Level Four arc had me wondering what Akuma toes smell like, now I'm wondering what Akuma fingers taste like.  I'm not sure I needed to contemplate this.

- ...ah, the black hand turned back into the "om".

- and it's the Earl to the rescue, explaining away all your confusion.  apparently that's where Road got the habit.
- "baron"?
- (is it because he doesn't want to die alone?)
- jeez, he really is trying to hug him into submission. I WAS JOKING, ALLEN.

- (you can really tell which pages the tones person was out sick for...)
- oh jeez now he's carrying Alma bridal-style.  XDDD;;  Oh, Allen.  Allen, Allen, Allen.  *headdesk*
- and of course Mister Slow on the Uptake took until now to realise that Kanda snapped a while back and is pretty much running on testosterone-and-PTSD-fueled homicidal rage.
- "it"...
- ah, his tattoo's changed again.  thicker bands, all stripy, kinda like Alma.  (for the love of god, don't lose your hair!)
- although actually that's the most civil, lucid thing he's said in like seven chapters.  "[I'm] destroying it.  Hand it over."

- d'awww, tiny flashback kiddies.
- why are Allen's eyebrows so thick in this story arc...?
- I know why Kanda's running away. Alma got too clingy. started wanting them to live together. said the L-word. (no, not the one on TV. the four-letter one. the one that makes insecure people run away from a relationship at speed.)

- ...oooh boy.  Mugen's going all wingy again.  this can't be good.
- great, there's another super saiyan level?

- oooh, burn.  nice way to change the subject, Kanda.  start talking shit about your opponent.
- (is this what he's been thinking all along? traitor, sleeper agent? scapegoat?)

- I love how Kanda has like eight giant teeth in his mouth.  oh well, the art's been decent, I can't complain.
- really now, boys, will running screaming at each other with ginormous swords really solve anything?
- wait, this is a shounen manga, of course it will.  -_-;;
- "if only you didn't exist...!!"
- (well, I suppose it is true that this entire theatrical affair was for Allen's benefit. but it was also for Kanda's and Alma's too, yes? so they could rip the Order's new weapon away from them by exposing some of their ugliest secrets and turning their new exorcists into horrible parodies of Akuma...but was that also for triggering what happens next? they did say that at the end of all this, they would have succeeded in turning Allen against the Black Order, or at least prevent him from going back. the Noah (especially the Earl) are all intently watching Allen and Kanda whale/wail on each other, as if they were waiting for something to happen. of course, the Order's people are watching too, but that's mostly because of their dismay that their defenders have turned on each other instead of the greater threat.)
- (hey, that reminds me, where the fuck did all those Level Fours go? did they go into the manufacturing process of Alma the Akuma, or...?)

- boys.  the only way they know how to communicate is through oversized weaponry.
- liiittle thing Allen forgot, though.  he doesn't have magical healing powers.  "why yes, I have a messiah complex and a death wish, why do you ask?..."
- poor Johnny-tachi.  they expect to see their supersoldiers kicking enemy butt and instead they kick each other's butts for no good reason.  I bet the Noah planned this, too, those crafty bastards, put the hotheads together and watch the fireworks..!!
- is it significant that Crown Clown hasn't formed the cowl?
- (which one of them said "what do you know about me"? both of them would have cause to say it, of course, although it would make a little more sense to be Kanda, and that's certainly what Allegra thinks. of course they could both be saying it, but that would be a little...hm.)

- "Bakuhakuzan"?  goddammit, I was right on the money with the Bakuryuuha. I WAS JOKING, HOSHINO.

- "as long as Yuu's alive, I...someday, I'll..." goddammit, Alma, finish your sentences.  someday you'll what?
- (he's still so desperate to kill Kanda. to go out with him. why?)

- ...wait, wtf just happened?  was that a beam of anger or something?  it doesn't appear to have done much damage...
- maybe it just served the purpose of reminding Allen of how sadface Alma is. he'd probably gotten a little distracted by the whole 'Kanda blaming him for everything that's gone wrong since the manga came back from hiatus' thing.

- --oooh, right to the gut.  ouch.  that's gonna cause problems.

- why does Tyki look so pleased?
- probably has something to do with why the Earl looks so goddamn freaky...  O.o
- oh, great.  now I'm having flashbacks to friggin' Naruto.  If Kanda starts talking about "whims" and Allen mentions anything about needing to save your friends in order to deserve to become Hokage, I'm out.  The Yullen fangirls are scary enough already without validation via parallels to Shounen Jump's worst-kept-secret gay couple...
- (man-hug for great justice~)(hell, hugging people into submission appears to be working. sorry I ever doubted you, O Messianic Protagonist. now stroke his hair and ask him to talk about his ~feelings~ and we'll see how long it takes before he tries to chop your head off again. *my money's on under thirty seconds*)
- --oooh, maybe the Earl thought that if getting stabbed with Crown Clown was enough to bring the Fourteenth out to send a creepy message via Akuma-mail, getting stabbed with Mugen would be enough to force Allen out of the way long enough to par-tay or something like that. Or maybe he just gets off on others' pain.
- --waitwait last chapter he said something like "writhe in agony, Allen Walker/14th"--what if like agony or something is the key?
- nah, the kid's been fucked up every five minutes since square one, if severe pain and near-death experiences were the magical key to unlock the 14th he'd have started sprouting stigmatas when he was eleven. unless it has to be specifically angst/Innocence/comrade-induced pain?
- oh why am I even bothering, Hoshino was high when she wrote this. chalking it up to lulz and moving on.

- seriously, I can hear the furious typing of fanfic from here. it's like the unholy drumbeat of hell's RYFG cavalry riding into slashy battle.
- ...oh, I see. the tint is spreading from the wound. guess we can't blame this on jaundice from an injured liver, huh?

- ¿qué?
- (seriously, Kanda, fix your hair already, it's giving me the heebie-jeebies. I told dayadhvam_triad I would never forgive Hoshino if Kanda followed Allen in getting a perm for dramatic moments. I thought that Pepsi-graffiti-thing that came out with chapter 187 was enough, but now his hair is actually froofy and lavender. not cool, Hoshino. not cool.)
- (read: you look like an idiot, plz to fire your new hairdresser and rehire the old one, I miss them.)
- "Be...Beansprout..." *inserts earplugs in preparation for the squeals of triumph from the shippers*

- well, that explains how pleased Tyki and the Earl looked.  did they know this would happen?
- the real question is, though, whether Kanda will take Allen's teachings to heart and save Alma (and the day) with the Power of Love.
- (stop looking at me like that. it could happen...)
- and how do you know what a Noah's body looks like, Reever? *starts formulating outrageous theories about the Section Chief's illicit affair with Lulu Bell/Sheryl/JasDevi*

- suspenseful cliffhanger...!! well, he isn't dead, and this is definitely significant. maybe Alma and Kanda will have a sitdown and talk about their feelings after all. maybe Road and/or Tyki will choose this moment to kidnap Allen and tow him off to his/her Lair of Sin. maybe Lenalee really will zoom over from Greece to save the day. maybe Lavi really is Cross and Klaud/Anita/Lotus Lady's secret love child. who cares? Kanda's wearing his woobie face again...
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